Established in 1996, Super Computers has become the largest IT Company in North Cyprus.  We provide high quality service at competitive prices making Super Computers the most trusted brand in North Cyprus.  We have become HP's business partner in 2014 and have recently acquired GOLD PARTNER status here in Nicosia, North Cyprus.  We are authorized local dealer for Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Microsoft, Kaspersky Labs., Mimio Interactive White Boards and education products.  We are also the local authorized service and distributor of NECRON UPS systems in North Cyprus.  We provide IT services on behalf of DEVOTEAM Türkiye to the banking sector.  We import Smart Boards direct from the UK and have won many EU funded tenders in North Cyprus.


We deal with the sales, repair and after-sales of all IT products. 


We sell computers, laptops and accessories, printers, toners and cartridges, smart phones and tablets, data projectors and other computer hardware and software products.  Super Computers is well known for winning numerous government tenders and projects.


We stock all the best brands; HP, Toshiba, Sony, Asus, Dell.  We have a large range of affordable PCs, tablets and laptops, ready for Pick-up the same day. All laptops have 2- years warranty and come with a free carrying case and USB mouse.


We can custom build a PC for you. Whether you want a Gaming PC or a Professional PC for 3D rendering, we can build a computer tailored to your needs. 

We also provide a high quality affordable repair service and can offer IT solutions for your home and business.   Some of the services we provide are:

  • Format and/or virus removal,

  • Printer installation and repair,

  • Small wireless network set-up,

  • Computer, laptop and smart phone repairs,

  • Laptop chipset replacement, hinge and broken or faulty LCD/LED replacements,

  • Computer and laptop upgrades,

  • Cloud storage,

  • Anti-Virus & Internet Security  software Installation,

  • Monthly printer/computer servicing.


We are located in Nicosia, very close to the bus terminal, so it is very easy to find us.  However, we also offer a delivery and pick-up service from Girne and Gazimağusa.



                      From landline Phone:  22 86 736 or 2280724

                      From Mobile Phone:  (0392) 22 86 736 or 0392 2280724



Our staff speak English.   Please do not hesitate to phone us for more information about our products, prices, repairs and services and delivery days.  You can also contact us by email: info@hpcyprus .com or fax: (0392) 2280725





Samsung Note 10 Plus 256GB 980$ sipariş verin!

Samsung Note 10 256GB 845$ Sipariş verin!

Samsung A7 128GB 335$ Yeni!

Samsung A9 128GB  435$

Samsung A71 128GB 450$ Yeni! 

Samsung A70 (2019) 128 GB  400$***

Samsung A51 128 GB 338$ Kaçırma!

Samsung A50S 64 GB 285$ YENİ ÜRÜN!

Samsung A50 (2019) 128 GB 305$ İNDİRİM

Samsung A40 (2019) 64 GB 280$ Yeni!

Samsung A30S (2019) 64GB 245$ İndirim!

Samsung A30 (2019) 64 GB 260$ Yeni!

Samsung A21S 32GB 227$ Yeni!

Samsung A20S 32GB YENİ  200$

Samsung A20 (2019) 32 GB 190$ 

Samsung A10S (2019) 32 GB 170$ Yeni!

Samsung A01 16GB 125$  Yeni!

Samsung Keystone 2 E1207 Tuşlu Tel 35$


XIAOMI Kapışılıyor- Gel, gör, al, git!

XIAOMI REDMI 8A 32GB 145$ Süper Fiyat!





REDMI NOTE 8 PRO 64GB 270$ Kaçırma!

REDMI Note 8 Pro 128 GB 285$ İNDİRİM!

REDMI Note 9S 128GB  305$ YENİ!

REDMI Note 9 Pro 128GB 315$ YENİ!

REDMI Note 10 LITE 64GB 405$ YENİ!

REDMI Note 10 Pro 256 GB 600$ Kaçırma!

(Black/White/Green) Stokta!

POCO F2 PRO 128GB BLUE 625$ Süper Fiyat!

* 2 Years Warranty

** Since 1996, Super Computers is the leading technology supplier of North Cyprus.

iPhone SE 2020 64GB 555$ - Yeni!

iPhone SE 2020 128GB 620$

iPhone 11 64 GB 910$

iPhone 11 128GB 955$

iPhone 11 64GB Pro 1220$

iPhone 11 256GB PRO 1435$

iPhone 11 64GB Pro Max 1360$

iPhone 11 256GB PRO MAX 1545$

October 2020 Super Computers Laptop Offer

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