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2D movement armrests; arms capable of Right-Left and Up-Down movements.

Ergonomic Design; The most suitable design for the body structure provides comfort with the extra softened session part in long sessions.

Durable Metal Base; Metal base diameter is 65cm. Maximum durability with electrostatic dyed foot and metal structure.

4 Class Shock Absorber; You can adjust the Up-Down height.

Durable Leather; High quality artificial leather designed for a long life is used. It may cause sweating depending on the session time and skin structure of the user.

Back tilt; product seat-back can be tilted back 160 degrees together.

It is under warranty up to a maximum of 120 kilograms.

Seat Seating part size; the width is 52 cm and the depth is 50 cm.

Longest width; It is 66 cm.

The measure from the back part to the front of the seat when the back is in an upright position; It is 56 cm.

When the shock absorber is at the bottom; 64 cm above the ground armrests and 71 cm above the armrests when the shock absorber is at the top.

Sitting part size from the ground; the damper adjustment is 47 cm when it is at the bottom, the damper setting is 56 cm when it is at the top.

The height from the ground with the shock absorber at its lowest; It is 131 cm.

xDrive Oyuncu Koltuğu (Gaming Chair)

255,00 $Fiyat
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